Raysid Wireless Gamma Spectrometer
* Currently Raysid App has only Android version

Spectroscopic Radiation Detector RAYSID

  • fast and very sensitive to gamma and x-rays
  • gamma spectrometry with no wires anywhere
  • radioactivity mapping and logging

Small, wearable, wireless, autonomous.. read specification

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Fast & Sensitive

5cm³ CsI/Tl scintillation crystal allows to register 15-25 gamma rays per second in a normal environment (~0,10µSv/h).

Dose rate value is energy-compensated and sensitivity-compensated. There is no big overestimation for Am-241 or underestimation for Co-60.

Raysid can operate without smartphone with preset alarm levels (monitoring/spectrum collection/log recording) up to 10days on one charge.

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Raysid - Spectroscopic Radiation Detector
Raysid - Wearable Gamma Spectrometer

Mobile Gamma Spectrometry

Raysid sensor is temperature-compensated. There is no noticeable temperature drift.

Some use cases:

  • spectrum analysis outside/inside a laboratory/home
  • food checking for non-natural izotopes
  • comparing current spectrum with background

Tracking & Radiation Map

With Raysid you can build your own radioactivity map and/or save your further route on the global Raysid Map.

There is no need in Internet connection for mapping. The Internet is required only for the global map.

Raysid App stores your map locally. An average smartphone can store more than million km of routes.

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Raysid Gamma Radiation Mapping

Raysid gamma spectrometer is comfortable for everyday wearing. Its size and weight are similar to a zippo lighter. A long lasting battery (up to 10 days) is enough for long exploration trips. Wireless communication allows to stay in a safe distance from a radioactivity source. Raysid app works on smartphones/tablets with Android 5.0 or higher supporting Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

Technical Specification

Gamma detector 5cm³ CsI/Tl
Energy range 25keV-3MeV
Spectrum channels 200/600/1800
Sensitivity 15-25cps/0,10µSv/h
Maximum throughput >25000 cps
Maximum dose rate 1000 ╬╝Sv/h
Alarm indication light, sound, vibration
Battery Li-Ion 800mAh
Fully charged battery life up to 10 days
Charging time 5-6 hours
Temperature range -10°C..40°C (dose rate)
5°C..40°C (spectrum)
Humidity up to 90% RH
Size 58mm x 35mm x 16mm
Weight 65g
Software interface Android >=5.0 Bluetooth >=4.0

enclosure size of series 2304 and earlier: 57x35x16mm

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